The Site

Thorpe Park covers an area of approximately 109ha in Surrey, to the east of Thorpe Village, and between Staines to the north and Chertsey to the south. The core of the Resort containing the attractions and associated facilities covers approximately 27ha and is surrounded by Fleet Lake, Abbey Lake, St Ann’s Lane and Manor Lake.  

Thorpe Park is previously developed land within the Green Belt. The proposed development site sits in the south east corner of the Resort’s core, adjacent to Abbey Lake. The site is approximately 1.7 hectares and is currently occupied by Lumber Jump, The Rocky Express and Timber Tugboat. These rides will be removed and replaced by the proposed coaster. Historically the site was occupied by Loggers Leap which was built in 1989 and closed in 2015.

Some images of the site can be seen below:

The site is surrounded by other development in Thorpe Park to the north west including Samurai, Colossus and SAW – The Ride. This part of the Resort is well serviced by food and beverage provisions including Burger King to the north west and toilet facilities.

The site benefits from being well screened by dense trees and vegetation to the south and north east.